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The vine on the right was planted as a cutting just
20 weeks before this picture was taken. This
increased growth is typical of vines grown using
GroGuard vineguards. The vine has required no
trimming of laterals to reach the wire - vastly

reducing the labour costs normally associated with

getting vines to the wire.
This site contains information to help you achieve
results like this whilst making significant savings on
labour and weed control.
You can also see samples of the full range of
GroGuard products, download research and results
from vineyard trials and scientific papers on vine
establishment as well as buy or sell used
GroGuards at our Free Marketplace.

Figure 1.
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Figure 2.
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Figure 3.

The GroGuard vineguard is a result of 10 years of in field experience and development. The benefits of this experience are:

GroGuard’s Strength
Keeps the GroGuard on the Wire

Growers have learnt the hard way that it is not easy to keep a vineguard on the wire! The GroGuard is wind tunnel tested, some versions holding to 100 kph.
Figure 1. GroGuard's unilateral vineguard at 100 kph in a wind tunnel. (Bricks and covers are keeping sand in place in the tray.)

GroGuard’s Rigidity
Drastically Reduces Training Costs

GroGuard’s rigidity prevents buffeting from the strongest winds. That encourages the growth of the main shoot and suppresses lateral shoot growth. Training costs are drastically reduced.
Figure 2. Vines as they appear after no training or pruning at all. The small amount of unwanted growth is tidied up in seconds in winter when the GroGuard is removed.

GroGuard’s Zip-Safe Seal
Fast Assembly

The patented Zip-Safe seal means rapid assembly: 150-250/hour with the top clip, 400-600/hour with the GroGuard’s hand tool, and 1000-2000/hour with GroGuard’s motorised closure machine.

GroGuard’s Zip-Safe Seal
Improves Weed Control, and Reduces Costs

The patented Zip-Safe seal is waterproof. Herbicide cannot enter through the Zip-Safe seal, and shoots do not grow through it. Problem weeds can be dealt with easily. Tractor ("boom-spray") application of herbicide is normal with the GroGuard. It is cheap and covers large areas in a short time. In windy weather, early morning and dawn sprays make weed control possible while unsheltered vines are still struggling with weeds.