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Zip up the GroGuard and install it securely so the vine grows only one shoot

Correct installation is essential to ensure the GroGuard keeps out herbicide and reduces lateral growth.

The most efficient time to install the GroGuard is when the vines are planted.

The GroGuard is most easily assembled before it is put over the vine.

(Note: In California, nurseries insist that dormant bench grafts are mounded over with soil, and then uncovered when the shoot emerges from the mound. Growers doing this can apply the GroGuard when they "unmound" the vines).

Zip up the GroGuard

Use the sealing tool (in the field or in the shed). If you have bought second hand GroGuards and do not have a sealing tool call us. Sealing tools are free.

Install the GroGuard

Place the Groguard over the vine.

If the vines already have shoots (e.g. with green material), wrap the shoot in an insertion tool either from GroGuard or made from an old guard. Then slide the assembled GroGuard over the top, and slide the insertion tube out the top. This method will ensure the shoot is vertical and undamaged.

Bury the bottom of the GroGuard. GroGuard provides 35 mm of extra material for this purpose. Burying the bottom 35 mm will:

  • keep the GroGuard in place
  • ensure herbicide does not get sucked into the GroGuard from the bottom
  • keep the shoot from drying out. (Note: Sealing the GroGuard will not cause water to accumulate inside unless the vines areoverirrigated) (See article: Overirrigation of young vines causes poor growth and disease).

Attach the top of the GroGuard to the wire.

The GroGuard will reduce lateral growth most effectively when it is attached strongly to a well strained trellis wire.

If you are using the standard top clips version, fold the top flap over the wire and push the clip on. If the soil is high, and the GroGuard is too long, it is possible to fold the top below the crease line. If the soil is too low, you will need to mound it up to seal the GroGuard properly.

On undulating soil, the extension clip version may be more convenient. It accomodates variations of 60 mm in wire-soil height. Lever the tongue of the clip around the wire using a spatula or blunt kitchen knife.