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Weed Control is IMPORTANT!

Weed competition, even for a few weeks after planting, has been shown to reduce shoot growth by 75% in the first year, and reduce first crops by 5 tonnes/ha! (See article: Little weeds cost big money in new vineyards).

Be sure to take advantage of GroGuard’s Zip-Safe seal to ensure completely effective weed control and maximise early crops.

With GroGuard, you can achieve 100% effective weed control, even when the weather is wet and windy because you can apply herbicide from a boom spray over large areas, very quickly. The Zip-Safe seal protects young vines gainst herbicide spray, allowing the use of a wide range of herbicides.

Shoots will not burst out of the GroGuard, and herbicide spray will not get past the Zip-Safe seal.

Weed control is not only much easier to achieve with GroGuard, it is much cheaper. Expensive pre-emergent and selective knockdown herbicides are no longer essential. One grower estimated his savings on herbicide alone at several hundred dollars per hectare.