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Using Vineguards

pre season
0 months
0 - 2 months
2 - 4 months
4 - 12 months
15 - 18 months
Soil Preparation

A shoot will only grow as quickly as it can grow roots. To obtain maximum growth rate soils must be ripped & tilled to provide low penetration resistance -
less than 1 MPa.

Planting, Assembly and Installation

Install GroGuards at the same time you plant cuttings, dormant or green vines. Cuttings grow well in GroGuards and lag only a few weeks behind rootlings.
Zip-Safe® seal makes assembly quick and easy.
Your vines are now safe from herbicide, wind, sand blast and grazing animals.

Growth inside GroGuards

Growth is focused into a single, straight stem without laterals. No training or pruning is needed - there is no need to open GroGuards. Water use is reduced, so reduce irrigation!
GroGuards are much cheaper than traditional training because almost no labour is needed.

On the wire.

Vines run along the wire after 3-9 weeks. The vine is covered after 3-6 months. Increase irrigation to normal levels as the canopy expands. GroGuards Zip-Safe® herbicide protection means better, cheaper weed control and more growth.
Vines started in GroGuards cover the wire faster.

Removing GroGuards

With four fully expanded leaves out the top, GroGuards may be removed to reduce soiling and weathering. Alternatively, leave GroGuards on until winter to maintain herbicide protection. GroGuards can be re-used immediately or stored for later use.

Increased growth means early cropping

Early cropping means increased income right when you need it. Increased bounty continues for up to 5 seasons putting you well ahead financially when it counts - in the first few years.
GroGuards make profit come faster