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The tips under the headings below will answer most of your questions about the GroGuard, and also help you reduce your training costs, get a crop eighteen months after planting, and reduce or eliminate irrigation.

 Prepare your soil to get the biggest growth increase

 Your Planting Material and Its Preparation

 Zip up the Groguard and Install It Securely so the GroGuard protects your vine properly.

 Cut Back Irrigation for maximum growth

 Train Vines onto the Wire regularly

 Weed Control is IMPORTANT!

 About Diseases, Pests and Chemicals

 Using Vineguards

The information in these pages is believed to be suitable in most situations. However, it may not apply in every situation, and the responsibility for any vineyard project must rest with the grower. Regular inspection of vines must continue in the normal way of establishing a vineyard, and unexpected behaviour or disease must be addressed promptly.